Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Youthwave Triple Challenge

Once again, Contact Sports had the privilege to service Youthwave by coordinating the annual Youthwave tournament. Instead of focusing solely on Floorball alone, Youthwave decided to expand their horizon by adding two more sports, Captain Ball and Ultimate Frisbee. Thus this year, the mega event is known as YOUTHWAVE TRIPLE CHALLENGE 2008! The additional sports were introduced with the aim to provide a bigger platform for more young people to be involved in sports.

The Youthwave Triple Challenge was held on 19 April 2008 at Balik Pulau Sports Complex and unexpectedly drew overwhelming responses from various churches, schools, organizations and clubs. There were a total of 48 teams for all the sports. Floorball Men (16 teams), Floorball Ladies (10 teams), Captain Ball (18 teams) and Ultimate Frisbee (4 teams)! All these were represented by:-
Excel Point Community Church
Fettes Park Baptist Church
FGA Centre
Georgetown Baptist Church
Hillside Baptist Church
Penang Christian Centre
Reservoir Garden Baptist Church
Tabernacle of Praise
Wesley Methodist Centre
Hamid Khan School
Methodist Girls School
Contact Floorball Club
Minden UniHawks Floorball Club (USM)

All the 3 sports were played simultaneously. Floorball was played in the indoor stadium while both Captain Ball and Ultimate Frisbee were played at the field. The weather was quite bearable during first part of the day; just a little sun/heat to give an extra oomph to those playing outside. However, it started to pour quite heavily at about lunchtime. We had to very quickly reorganize and place the Captain Ball games into the indoor stadium. Most were thankful for the rain as the heat outside was beginning to take a toll on the participants. As for Ultimate Frisbee, the teams had to wait for the rain to subside before playing their final game.

It was quite a tiring day for all. Towards the end of the Challenge, many players were seen having cramps. It was definitely a sign of the players playing with all their might and strength and their utmost best to win the Challenge Trophy.

All in all it was a great day of fellowship, and not forgetting true sportsmanship! The Challenge could not have been possible if not for these various people who stepped in to lend their helping hands…Here’s our deepest appreciation to them for their generous contribution…
Sponsors : YEOs and VICO
Referees : Floorball – James Looi, Kenny Khoo, Sam Teoh, Deswyn Wan, Wilson Moy,
Loh Jowyee and Chiam Ter Min
Captain Ball – Pr. Daniel Loh and Choong Kit Soon
Ultimate Frisbee – Pr. Amos Eng
Helpers (set-up and secretariats): Eng Seong, Zhong Hua, Paul, Jia Ning, Xiao Hui, Wilson Moy, Kenny Khoo, Sheryn Ng, Lee Wai Wai, Jia Jian, Ken and Yang.

Men's Floorball:
Champion: Torch Bearerz (PCC)
1st Runner-up: Salibandy! CO (TOP)
2nd Runner-up: Innebandy! CO (TOP)
3rd Runner-up: Frontliners Revolution (RGBC)

Women's Floorball:
Champion: Fronliners Fury (RGBC)
1st Runner-up: G12 Dashes (MGS)
2nd Runner-up: G12 Edna Modes (MGS)
3rd Runner-up: Underdawgs Hailstorm (USM)

Captain Ball:
Champion: Snowhites & Her 7 Dudes (HBC)
1st Runner-up: Kungfu Monkeys (PCC)
2nd Runner-up: The Incredible Monkeys (PCC)
3rd Runner-up: Battle Sheep (PCC)

Ultimate Frisbee:
Champion: 412 Throwers (GBC)
1st Runner-up: Xalt (HBC)
2nd Runner-up: Javelins (FGA)
3rd Runner-up: Impact!! (WMC)

Points are given to the winners of each category to determine the overall winner and the results are as followers:

Champion: Penang Christian Centre - 11 Points
1st Runner-up: Hillside Baptist Church - 8 Points
2nd Runner-up: Reservoir Garden Baptist Church - 6 Points

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