Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Catch Me if You Can!

2 Seconds! That was how long (or should we say, how short) it took for Contact FireAnts to score their first goal against Innebandy!CO. From that point on, we knew that we had to run as fast as we could, and play "Catch me, if you can". That was exactly what the FireAnts did. Playing as one united front, pushing high and looking for goals, we managed to take a 4 goal lead by midway of the first period. Something that everyone did not expect! Innebandy pulled one back towards the end of the first period through a Sam-Deswyn combo to make the half time score 4-1. A scoreline that we were happy with at the end of the first period.

The second period started with the FireAnts pushing again after a good break. Yet again, within the first minute, we managed to put one into the net. And another one by the second minute. "Catch me, if you can!" 6-1 and FireAnts were holding a comfortable lead. However, we also have to be honest that we were really tired with all the running and movement. So, with the comfortable lead, we decided to play more defensively. Knowing that Innebandy was also a tactical team, we had to be very focused. Penny, the FireAnts captain then took the role of line coach to help all stay in focus and to make sure that the lines and changes were strong enough to ward off the Innebandy attack. Innebandy moved the ball around well, pressed hard and scored 2 goals, but unforced errors in front of their goal gave the FireAnts opportunities to take those 2 goals back. And we did! 8-3 victory, and the Division 1 gold medal to Contact FireAnts!

We want to end the league by giving Glory to God! Although Team Contact is made up of people from different faiths, we all acknowledge that there is an Almighty God and that even though we are all made differently with different backgound, personalities, and skills; the Almighty has brought us together into this great team. The unity in the team is great. The fun (and makan) that we have together is great. We love this team! ... 321-CONTACT! *cheers*

FireAnts and Innebandy after the deciding game.

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