Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday Match!

The FireAnt vs Spartan match (25/3/2008) is deemed to be one of the most crucial matches in the league for Div 1 teams. Everyone knew that the winner would walk away being secured of at least a silver medal and a chance to go for gold. Thus both FireAnts and Spartans knew fully well that it is not match to be taken for granted. If FireAnts win the game, we will be secured with the silver, but if the Spartans win it, the gold would almost be theirs. Therefore every movement and every goal counts! We were determined not to let the Spartans trample us.

The first period started off very well for FireAnts! Despite the hard pressure from Spartans who are well known for their speed, we played a very well controlled game. After several attempts to put in a goal, Edward #2 sealed the first goal at a free hit. A direct shot into the goal! An Awesome Start! One goal means one step closer to victory! And about a minute later, Calvin #7 scored the second goal to bring the score line to 2-0. This would mean another step even closer to victory. However we knew we couldn’t afford to rest in our laurels until the final whistle is blown. That became a reality when the Spartans made a very quick comeback in the middle of the first period scoring 2 goals almost consecutively. But thanks to the father-son combo of James #8 and Bryan #10, we managed to pull one back just before the end of the period.

The second period seems to be slower in its pace as the Spartans did not seem to pressure that high and that gave our defense some room to maneuver. Midway into the second period, Bryan scores again which gave us a 2 goal buffer again. By this time the Frontliners were once again pushing hard to find a goal. 3 minutes to full time, and we get a free hit on our end. Edward walks up to take the free hit and sees Bryan signaling him over the other end, right in front of the Spartans goalmouth. The ball is lobbed and delivered to Bryan who once again did a father-son combo to deliver the ball to James to score. A glorious goal which meant that we just needed to hold the ball and control the game for the remaining minutes, but we later let in a goal which was deflected from a free hit in front of the goal. Final score 5-3 to FireAnts!

In the heat of the game, one cannot deny that there would be some pushing and slashing of sticks. The highlight of the game was when one of the Spartans sent Henry #23 right into the goal! It was hilarious!!! The laughter and cheer from the spectators stand helped ease the tension of the game. Conclusion? It was a glorious match! The best game played by FireAnts so far! Verdict? Not enough goals, too many misses…but we can’t be greedy and securing a medal is definitely a great birthday gift to Edward and Kit Soon!

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