Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Advancing Bullets

The last weekend, Contact Bullets had 3 games almost back to back with them meeting the Trojans on Saturday, Eagles on Sunday and the 8Cers on Tuesday.

The first game against the Trojans was quite an interesting yet frustrating game to watch! Interesting because these two teams are pretty much equal in terms of their experience and skill. In fact these players would most likely be the ones to bring floorball to greater heights in the near future. Frustrating because the game proved to be messy with very few proper passes and proper movements, slow reactions and aimless shooting from both sides. One can almost feel the tensions and frustrations of the coaches from both teams as they screamed their hearts and lungs out. It is obvious the screams weren’t so much for the players’ lack of skill but more so for not listening to instructions. The first period ended with 0-0.

However, the second period proved to be slightly more interesting. There were a whole lot of better passes and movement especially amongst the Bullets. But even with that, the Trojans managed to put in the first goal. But Trojans’ joy was short lived when Ben Ong #22 of Bullets scored a goal about a minute after to give them a draw.

The last 10 minutes proved to be the most exciting! Someone even commented that the game only started in the last 10 minutes! As the clock kept ticking, both teams were trying to outrun and outwit the other. After several attempts, Bullets scored another goal to seal the victory of 2-1. No more pressure at the final whistle. Bullets achieved their goal…to end up 3rd in the table... that's just a better way to say, "not ending up at the bottom of the table." ;)

The other 2 games for the Bullets were against experienced teams, and although it is almost certain that they will not achieve a win in those games, the Bullets are determined not to play a wishy-washy game but to play hard and to their utmost ability. So with the goal set before the league achieved, the Bullets played the remaining 2 games as exposure to developing greater teamwork.

The game against the Eagles was what we expected it to be...lots of shots from them Eagles towards our goal. Nevertheless, the Bullets were determined to move the ball around and pass it as much as they could in order to score. Our goalkeeper was also not in-form that day and let in easy goals and we failed to score. Not our day. The Bullets got a trashing from the Eagles, but also a lot of experience playing with stronger teams as well.

Our final game with the 8Cers was something that the Bullets were looking forward to. Well, for one, it was the final game, and yet is was again an opportunity to display comradeship and further advance in the tacticalities of floorball. The Div 2 positions had more or less been determined already and there was no pressure in both teams in the game. Both teams were playing with lots of passes and movement. A good game to watch but the 8cers obviously had more experience and thus won the game 5-2.

Congratulations to Team Bullets for achieving their goals and advancing in the area of Floorball and Teamwork. Keep the team spirit up and keep floorballing!

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