Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Picnic with the Hawks

The game started off like a stroll in the park but ended more like a picnic as the pace was relatively slow. FireAnts were looking for goals early in the game and made some good passes but once again could not find the finishing touch. Although there were many openings made by the FireAnts, we did not find the back of the net. Credit to UniHawks' new keeper Christopher for many saves and keeping the ball out of their net. Despite the number of shots at goal, the first period saw only 4 goals with Contact leading 3-1.

The pace of the second period was even slower as UniHawks decided to play a more defensive game and gave the FireAnt the room to move. FireAnts took the opportunity to move the ball around more and distracted the defence to score more goals. However, there were some good counter attacks coming from the Hawks which resulted in goals as the defence of the FireAnts we slacking once again. We really need to do something about the defence.

Much more shots on goal were taken in this period and credit given to Nicholas, (the unofficial Contact Man of the Match) who took home 5 goals. The rest of the team also doing well in playing their part and contributing to the success. Although the pace was slow and there was the occasional slack in the defence, but with a final score of 10-4, no one's complaining. :) Keep going FireAnts!

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Dalat Eagles who won their game earlier in the evening to seal their position as Division 2 Champions! Syabas Eagles! To the other teams in Div2, there is still a fight for the silver medal.

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