Sunday, March 2, 2008

FireAnts and Spartans Battle!

Prior to our game, the Division 2 teams played. It was the first match for Dalat Eagles vs Frontliners Trojans. It was a not a great night to begin with as the Captain of Dalat Eagles, Yeoh Jun Wooi suffered a fall, knocked his head hard on the floor and went into seizure, just 2 and a half minutes into the game. Hence the game was stopped until he was sent to hospital via ambulance. It was great to have Lawrence (goalie for Contact Bullets) a.k.a the trainee nurse around, who immediately attended to Jun Wooi. Obviously not forgetting the others who came to help carry him, and making sure he is alright. He is now resting in hospital, and Team Contact would like to wish him well and hope to see him soon on court again!

The game was delayed but the match between Contact FireAnts and Frontliners Spartans went on to create more excitement, this time in the positive light. With the Spartans victorious win over Innebandy! Co in their previous game, their confidence was boosted and we knew that it would not be an easy game for us. Hence we had to really worked hard and keep the game in control. FireAnts played well as a team in the first period, and took dominance of the game. Our first free hit, which was a set piece that we had worked on, gave us a goal against the Spartans. Thanks to Henry #23. Glorious goal! The subsequent free hit trapped one of the Spartans and got us power play but we were not able to capitalise on it. Nonetheless, 2 more goals were scored by Nicholas #13 and Edward #2 in the first period. Honestly, it was very good play in the first period!

Then came the second period... With the fact that they had nothing to lose, the Spartans charged at every ball that was in our possession. We lost a bit of our "team factor" and our mistakes cost us 2 goals. The final 2 minutes were very intense with both teams charging at each other. Confidence of the Spartans keeper also rose as she had many good saves. The shouts and cheers of supporters added to the excitement and tension of the night! The final whistle was a relief to the FireAnts. Had the game prolonged, there was a high possibility that the Spartans would have overtaken them. Final score, FireAnts beat Spartans 3-2.

2 down…4 more to go! Keep it up FireAnts!!!

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