Monday, February 25, 2008

Contact Opens Penang League with a Sting!

Contact Bullets had the honor and privilege to kick off the first match of Division 2 in the Penang League 2008. We are indeed proud to have new faces and new blood in our team. Even with that we are determine to make our presence count in this league whether or not we are facing other newbies or the big boys.

The game started off very slow as both teams were equally raw in this game. And a slight mistake cost us a goal half way through the 1st period. That sort of shook the team for a while. There were also a few attempts from the Bullets to garner some goals but failed. It was a tiring first period as the Bullets were trying to get into the game. For most of the players, it was their first ever competition.

The 2nd period marked a faster and more exciting pace. The coach changed the lineup a little to take adventage of the tired Trojans. Both teams were taking shots against one another, hoping to score but favor was on Bullets! The team made an impact by scoring one goal after another. Midway through the second period, the spirits of the Bullets were lifted up and they knew that victory was already theirs. They let in one more goal but it did not matter anymore as victory was already sealed. Final Score 6-2. A great job as the Bullets rose to the occasion!

In Division One, FireAnts opened the league facing off with Minden Unihawks. As in our past experiences, Team Contact has not had a tradition of starting tournaments well, and once again it happened. The FireAnts struggled to get into their grove, and at the same time the Hawks were soaring all over the rink, but unfortunately for them, they did not find their mark. In the end, it was the experience of the FireAnts that eventually proved crucial to seal victory. Unihawks played well, and we expect a tougher match in the return leg. Final score 5-1 to the FireAnts!

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