Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Floorball Grill

This week sets the pace for the beginning of a new version of the Penang Floorball League. As this takes place, Contactsports would like all floorballers to take part in The Floorball Grill!
Each week, for the duration of the league, we will post out a question (located just above the Feedback section on this blog) that is somewhat related to floorball; and all you have to do is email us the answer. The first person to send us the correct answer each week will receive a gift, and the first to get all the answers correct will be eligible for the grand prize. Make sure you include your name and contact number when you email us the answers.

*Only those in Penang are eligible for gifts and prizes. Besides, this is in conjunction with the PENANG league. ;) But don't let this deter all the rest of you from participating. If you are the winner, we will definitely recognise and acknowledge your expertise on floorball!

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