Friday, February 15, 2008

More Ants!

As mentioned in our posting sometime ago, Team Contact will also be known as FireAnts! Although time for preparation is short, yet the whole club is excited to see the impact that the ants will bring this season. The team is expecting great things, but at the same time it realizes that nothing comes easy. There will be great battles in the field, and we have to stick together to make a greater impact.

The team in Division Two will be aptly named Contact Bullets. Named after the Bullet Ant whose bite can send the most macho calling for mummy, this very young team plans to make and impact as well. Will the team be able to put such a sting into the league? If not this year then we are quite certain the bites will get harder by the next year.

Well, we take this opportunity to reveal our new logo for Team Contact and to wish all teams the best in the coming league.
Happy Floorballing!!!

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