Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FireAnts Loose Grip of Top Position

As expected, yesterday's game was fast and furious with FireAnts and Innebandy!CO coming out strong and both teams wanting a win. Labeled by many as the best game in the league so far, the game was filled with good technical play, lots of movement, a very fast pace, and even psychological mind games. From the start of the whistle, the players from both teams came out not only testing the movements of the opponent but also "tested" how strict the referees would be.
It was Innebandy who put the ball into the goal first with the likes of Deswyn who came all the way back from KL jus to play. It was fast turns and a quick shot have Innebandy the heads up. Great play! However, the pace of the game did not slow down with still lots of movement and many shots especially from the FireAnts but we just could not find the back of the net.
The second period started off the the FireAnts pushing very high looking for the equalizer. At one point, Henry managed to put the ball into the goal, but the ball bounced out and was not noticed by both referees. Play on... With the FireAnts pushing high, there was a lack of concentration in the defence and Innebandy managed to score again with an easy goal this time. Once again, FireAnts put the ball into the net, this time with Bryan hitting the ball into the back bar, and once again the ball bounced out and the referee calls "no goal". Play on...for the second time... The FireAnts continued to pressure and had many shots, but once again, could not find the finish and floated most of the shots. Late into the second period, Edward finally responded with a superb goal from the side into the top corner (which the Innebandy coach still claim its a fluke ;) haha...). Innebandy managed to score again after that because of the poor defending from FireAnts.
A clean fast paced game with lots of "real" floorball and the best team for the night won! 3-1 to Innebandy! CO. They now take top position in the table as FireAnts slip down.

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