Sunday, April 6, 2008

PFL2008 Fun Facts

The Penang Floorball League 2008 has just ended, but there is still much to talk about the goals that should or should not have gone in, strategies that went wrong, the pushing and shoving, the referees' calls, the masking tape on the jerseys, and the list goes on... oh, not forgetting the plans for the league next year.

Here is a compilation of some fun facts of PFL2008 straight from the secretariat's desk that may interest some:

Duration of the League: 6 weeks
(24 games played over 7 weekends and 6 weekdays)

Total Number of Teams: 8
(4 in Division-1, 4 in Division-2)

Total Number of Players: 112
(54 in Division-1, 58 in Division-2)

Youngest player:
Eythan Yeoh (Contact Bullets) - 10 yrs

Oldest Player:
Richard Yeoh (Contact Bullets) - 46 yrs

Total Number of Goals Scored: 215
Division-1: 97 goals
Division-2: 118 goals

Top Goal Scorers in Division-1:
Nicholas Yeoh (Contact FireAnts) - 8 goals
Edward Lim (Contact FireAnts) - 8 goals
Bryan Looi (Contact FireAnts) - 7 goals
Mekanath Selvaraj (Frontliners Spartans) - 7 goals

Top Goal Scorers in Division-2:
Drew Steiert (Dalat Eagles) - 18 goals
Chiam Termin (Ztec 8Cers) - 8 goals
Loh Jo-Wyee (Ztec 8Cers) - 8 goals
Regan Mahoney (Dalat Eagles) - 8 goals

Top Assists in Division-1:
Sam Teoh (Innebandy!CO) - 6 assists
Khor Kuan Yang (Frontliners Spartans) - 5 assists
Bryan Looi (Contact FireAnts) - 4 assists

Top Assists in Division-2:
Yeoh Jun Wooi (Dalat Eagles) - 5 assists
Drew Steiert (Dalat Eagles) - 4 assists
Chiam Termin (Ztec 8Cers) - 3 assists
Riley Mahoney (Dalat Eagles) - 3 assists
Wong Ken Wye (Ztec 8Cers) - 3 assists

Top Points in Division-1:
Nicholas Yeoh (Contact FireAnts) - 11 pts (8 goals, 3 assists)
Edward Lim (Contact FireAnts) - 11 pts (8 goals, 3 assists)
Bryan Looi (Contact FireAnts) - 11 pts (7 goals, 4 assists)
Khor Kuan Yang (Frontliners Spartans ) - 10 pts (5 goals, 5 assists)
Sam Teoh (Innebandy!CO) - 9 pts (3 goals, 6 assists)

Top Points in Division-2:
Drew Steiert (Dalat Eagles) - 22 pts (18 goals, 4 assists)
Chiam Termin (Ztec 8Cers) - 11 pts (8 goals, 3 assists)
Loh Jo-Wyee (Ztec 8Cers) - 10 pts (8 goals, 2 assists)
Regan Mahoney (Dalat Eagles)- 9 pts (8 goals, 1 assist)

Fastest Goal in a Game: 2 seconds
(Goal scored by Edward Lim of Contact FireAnts against Innebandy!CO)

Longest Wait for a Goal in a Game: 18mins 48secs
(Goal scored by Joon Han of Ztec 8Cers against Contact Bullets)

Team that Scored the Most Goals:
Division-1: Contact FireAnts - 32 goals
Division-2: Dalat Eagles - 62 goals

Team that Conceeds the Least Goals:
Division-1: Contact FireAnts - 16 goals
Division-2: Dalat Eagles - 10 goals

Greatest Score Margin:
Division-1: Contact FireAnts vs Minden UniHawks (10-4)
Division-2: Dalat Eagles vs Frontliners Trojans (17-0)

Team with Most Bench Penalties:
Division-1: Frontliners Spartans - 9
Division-2: Contact Bullets - 5

Team with Least Bench Penalties:
Division-1: Innebandy!CO - 1
Division-2: Frontliners Trojans - 2

We are sure that there are many more fun facts, but we shall not go on. So, here's a final look at the results and the league table:

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