Thursday, December 13, 2007

PFA-Singapore Floorball Tour

After APAC, the Penang Team stayed back to have some friendly games with Singaporean teams for greater exposure. We had 5 games altogether within a span of 2 days, namely against Team Pasirian, NUS Titans, NUS girls, NUS-A and NUS-B.

Here are some pics of our outing. We will do a complete writeup with additional pics soon.

Penny trying to block a pass from a Pasirian player

Danush from Salibandy playing for Penang in goal.

Kwan Yang given the responsibility to coach the game with Pasirian seen here giving instructions

Group Photo with Team Penang and Team Pasirian

Simin and Penny with the Pasirian girls.

Team Penang with NUS Titans

Termin given the responsibility to coach the team against NUS Titans

Penny clearing the ball from the goal mouth

PFA Commitee with our host from NUS Alwin (in orange) and Wei Jing (in black)

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