Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free Starbucks!

Yup, Order anything you want for free! And you can queue up as many times as you want... yummy!

We discovered this when we were taking a break during the APAC Floorball Championships just strolling in the shopping mall just opposite where the team put up in Summer Traven. Promoters just approached us to ask us to queue up for our free drinks. Surprise! Starbucks were doing a promotion in aid of the Salvation Army and we had a wonderful treat. Bryan could not believe his ears.., and eyes and kept asking if it was really true...until he held his Mocha in his hand. Too bad we had only one helping as we wanted to head to the sports hall to watch the floorball games as well. If not for wanting to support our very own Malaysian referees who were on duty, I am sure we would have gone back for more. ;)
For all you guys who missed it...well, perhaps next time...

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