Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Unleashed Sports Camp

YAY! The camp finally came to reality after a long postponement. The camp was originally scheduled in March school holiday but was postponed to 13-15 October due to lack of responses. Targeted at Christian leaders who are passionate about sports, the camp was held at Chefoo Methodist Centre, Cameron Highlands. It was a very nice campsite (great environment, cool weather, and good food). And the plus point for this camp? We had Awesome Fellowship, Great Discussions, and Loads of Fun!

The camp kicked off with a great teambuilding activity. It caused some to feel uneasy about certain things that they needed to do in order to complete the activity but it certainly served as a good icebreaker. After that, there were lots of fun stuff that we did throughout the camp which came in the form of theoretical and practical sessions.

We are truly thankful to God for His divine blessing and favor upon the camp. For without Him, it would not have been possible in having the camp. We trust that many who attended the camp had been empowered by the Holy Spirit and unleashed to do so much more for the building of God’s Kingdom through sports ministry!

Here are some pics of the many exciting things that we did at camp:

Deswyn is obviously enjoying the ride in this team building activity.

Team debrief after the teambuilding activity.

Selina teaching on having a proper Nutrition and D.I.E.T.

Morning jog and excercise...

Warm up and stretching before a fitness test.

More stretching...

The balance test - Moving in a zig zag motion within a box as fast as you can. You can see Edward keeping time and making sure Deswyn keeps within the spaces as the rest look on.

How long would it take for you to stay in that position and still keep a smile?

The endurance test - How far can you run in 12 minutes?

Planning and sharing what the future will look like in their area of sports ministry.

Sam sharing with the rest of us his vision and strategy for his floorball club.

Everybody learning to do the Supine Bridge in a session on developing the core.

The first batch to be Unleashed showing off a little of what they have in them ;)

That was just a sneek peek of some of the exciting things that happened. Well, as we have had a small and and humble beginning in this camp, the Lord impressed upon our heart that we will be having a bigger and bolder version next year. So…look out for SPORTS LEADERSHIP CONVENTION 2008!

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