Monday, October 1, 2007

Tribute to our Goalies

This is a blog specially dedicated to our Goalies, namely THUM YUNG MING (Contact X) and JOSHUA LIM (Contact Y) for their splendid performance and goal-saving during our recent participation in the Dalat Floorball Challenge.

For without them, we could have lost! Well, we could have also lost quite terribly BUT they saved the day! Your excellent moves and goalkeeping truly made us proud!

It has been noted (not only by our team) that these 2 goalies performed extremely well during the tournament. In fact, someone even said that Yung Ming should be awarded the player of the tournament for his efforts.

We want to say that you guys are a gem to Team Contact. Hey people, 3 cheers for our goalies! *Hip! Hip! Hurray!, Hip! Hip! Hurray!, Hip! Hip! Hurray!!!*

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