Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Are You Running the Right Race?

Life is like a race! Everyone is involved in some form of race. Students strive to be straight A’s achievers. Working adults in the corporate world are into running the rat race. Everyone wants to be first in many ways. Some termed this wanting as ‘kiasu’ (in hokkien). In literal translation, it simply means ‘scared to lose or fail’. ‘Kiasu’ is a post modern disease where one tries to outdo one another; and everyone gets stress up by not having their wants met, and their positions secured. It’s about being at the very top that matters! Really?! Think about it…

Anyway, following the craze of The Amazing Race by AXN, Youthwave Penang organized its’ own version of THE RACE on 8 September 2007. Once again, Contact Sports had the privilege to be at the service of Youthwave Penang. THE RACE was targeted at those 13 years to 25 years of age. Each team comprised 4 participants of mixed gender, with one being the driver.

THE RACE was organized NOT with the aim of getting teams to just outdo one another, being at the top at the expense of others, but learning activities were incorporated into each station. There were a total of 10 destinations, spread out all around the Penang Island. Teams had to travel in their own respective cars to get to each destination, except for one destination whereby two in a team had to flag down a trishaw while the other two traveled using their very own legs to get to Little India.

Teams had to go through physical challenges such as canoeing; mental challenges such as memorizing Braille within a span of 20-30 minutes and putting it into practice by deciphering the clues in Braille while being blindfolded as well as emotional challenges such as trusting fellow team mates to give proper instructions while searching for clues in the swimming pool and being blindfolded at the same time. Many other fun activities were also included such as locating a tombstone. Did I say fun? ;) … and running into hypermarts and purchasing items to be given to charitable organizations. A short debrief were conducted at the end of THE RACE to challenge the participants to “run the right race”.

And the prize….. *drum roll…..ta-daa* RM100,000??? …But THE RACE was definitely not about money and the bling-bling! It was about coming together as a team and working hand-in-hand to achieve a common goal. It was about understanding life as a race, persevering through difficulties and learning to make good choices. However, we are proud to have very generous sponsorships from THE CARNIVALL WATER THEMEPARK, GOLDEN SCREEN CINEMAS and EXTREME CONCEPT HAIR SPECIALIST. These people ran with us to make THE RACE looked great! Awesome!!

To those who made it to the final mark on that very auspicious day….here’s a tribute to them *salute*
Champions: Timothy Kok, Sam Teoh, Nicholes Ong and Kao Cui Lin
1st Runner-up: Wong Yi-Wen, Serene Tan, Sheryn Ng and Seow Zi Yin
2nd Runner-up: Goh Shen-U, Yeoh Jun Wooi, Jacky Teh and Loh Cheng Lit.

Participants studying the instructions to their next destination.

Having fun in a trishaw getting to the next checkpoint.

"Forget trying to walk on water, just sit down and canoe!!!"

Blind participants getting their instructions in Braille.

The Blind Leading the Blind!

Participants "helping" a blind team mate locate objects in the pool.

The winning team with Pr Kok Aun and their prizes.

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