Monday, October 20, 2008


ContactSports Ministries was set up a year ago to service the community as well as to train people in sports and leadership. With that, comes the second edition of UNLEASHED!
UNLEASHED! is a sports leadership convention that draws sports personel as well as leaders for networking and growth.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. “ – Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

Indeed, the 4 days/3 nights convention was geared towards sharpening one another, providing platform for networking and partnership with one another in sports ministry across Malaysia. God is good! This year, we had a total of 20 registered participants (2 from Sabah, 1 from KL and the rest from various churches in Penang).

The Convention started off light and easy to help the participants warm up to one another. Light team building activities were carried out, which geared the participants to think out of the box. “There are no fix ways to complete a task”; a very common phrase throughout the teambuilding session. Indeed there are no fix ways to develop and manage teams as everyone in the team is unique and special.

The Convention covered many aspects in developing ourselves as leaders as well as developing a sports ministry that would run alongside the church. The sessions helped deal with the heart of a leader in changing times; redeeming the lost through sports, etc.

Fun and challenging workshops; such as developing core muscle groups in the confines of our homes and body workout were carried out, giving practical ideas for development of our own physical fitness as well as using them to develop our teams. Apart from that, the participants had fun and fellowship over games at the field and the beach.

We were truly honored to have Pr. Jojo Henson (Eagle Point Covenant Fellowship),Pr. Daniel Loh (Georgetown Baptist Church), Mr. Paul Yong (Fitness First), Ms. Evelyn (Fitness First) and our very own, Pr. Edward Lim (Gateway City Church) to facilitate all the sessions. Their presence had definitely truly impacted and influenced the lives of the participants.

The Convention truly opened the eyes of the participants to have a better grasp of sports ministry as opposed to just using sports as an outreach program. We believe that the harvest will be overwhelming in time to come, and with that, we look forward to a greater partnership with one another to be the voice of God in the national sports arena. This vision will definitely drive us to the moment everything happens! To God be the glory and honor!!!

Watch out for UNLEASHED! v3.0 which is proposed to be held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah next year! Be Unleashed!!!

Building a team to supports and lifts each other up...

Loving each other..



Down, up, or out?!

Tricep extensions...

More tricep workouts...

Even more tricep workouts...

Shoulder press.

Beach games

"Throw Bryan in the Sea" Beach Games...
Group Photo! See you in Sabah next year!

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