Friday, July 18, 2008

What some said about the Sabah Tour

Chang Sunn Huey

It was really a privilege for me to be able to take a ‘tour’ to KK as part of Team Contact. At first, I thought that KK trip is all about playing floorball and having friendly with the teams over there but later on was informed that it is a ‘MISSION TRIP’! And we are going there to bless them, to help them in developing their skills and game standard. Whoa…so mentally I’ve prepared myself to adapt to the BUSY schedule that have already sent to me and NO DOUBT, once we touched down in KK we had a game immediately!
For the next few days our daily routine is basically eat, fellowship, play floorball and sleep. But what is more important is that God is really good that even in our super jam packed schedule; we all have fun and fellowship more than tiredness! CORRECT? And now I believed that the members of Team Contact are closer than ever and we know each other better in every single way. On the other hand, I/we have learnt from the people in Sabah more than what Team Contact is able to teach them. Not talking about floorball but about the attitude to serve God and the hospitality. I am so blessed that so much have been learnt from the people and the church (D’Stream) over in KK in just a few days and I’m looking forward to visit them again!

Calvin Tan:
Sabah was a fun and exciting trip….I learned that life in Sabah was more interesting than life in Penang and a lot more easier.=P In Sabah we had to rush around to find time to hit our targets as the days went by and it was not easy!! We had at least 5 minutes per person just to bathe…. Although we were all not that clean, we still achieved our target to take a quick shower and come down to the lobby to meet up at exactly the right times. Activities in Sabah were fun and exciting especially the Snorkeling part!! The corals in Sabah were so beautiful! The people in Sabah…..yea, they were the most friendly group I’ve ever met in my life! They were so dedicated I mean… like…. WOW!!! =D Two Thumbs up!! I also got an opportunity to get to know my teammates more which I never knew much about like Kai Sheng and his sister Sophia and get to know new friends from Sabah.. I learnt that living life in ministry to God isn’t always a bed of roses… well, there are some hard times and some good times.. the hard times I would say was to have to endure the tight schedules we had and the good times were when all of us shared jokes, laughed and played together in floorball matches which really revealed our true selves to the people around us and also sharing our knowledge to the Sabah floorball teams. =] Well, this is all I have to say….for now… =P

Sophia Lim:
The day came and we reached the Penang airport at 8.15 am, 15 minutes earlier than the appointed time. I was actually quite bored and lonely and wondered whether this trip will be boring for me since I don’t really know most of them well enough. I’ve never talked to some of them before. But after a while, it was actually very fun. I sat beside Nicholas on the plane whereas my brother sat with Eythan. Nicholas shared a lot of the fun and excitement that he had during his school life with me. We didn’t sleep when we were on the plane. I thought I would be extremely tired for not sleeping in the plane and also for not having enough sleep the night before. I want to praise God again for providing me with enough strength to continue my day.
Firstly, I would like to thank Shawn of Team Nomad for giving us a ride to our hotel. Then we got ourselves ready for the match against Team Reloaded. At night, we had referee course conducted by Uncle James which helped me understand more about floorball.
The next day, I thought I woke up quite late because the sun was so bright but it was actually still very early in the morning. So we got ready to go to Manukan Island. We walked to the jetty to take a boat ride to the island. This was the best Saturday that I had throughout this year. I saw lots of fishes and corals, enjoyed God’s creation and realized how wonderful our God is. It’s a very nice place to visit. The sea is crystal clear. After snorkeling, we went to the Philippine market to buy some souvenirs for our friends but it was very expensive. At night, we had another friendly match against the Team Nomad. All of them are runners and some of them are even hockey players. So the second day ended.
On Sunday, we went to D’Stream Anglican Church for service. I love how the pastor preached and learned a lot from him actually. After the service, we had to get ready for our friendly matches against the Sabah floorball teams. Throughout the game, I learned how to cooperate with my teammates. I found out that communicating with them is not that hard after all. After this trip, I had learned a lot from them especially my teammates and the people in Sabah as well. I would like to express my gratitude to Shawn and his team for providing us with everything that we need such as accommodation and transportation. I enjoyed this trip the most. Praise the Lord that everything ran smoothly and safely.

Bryan Looi:
My trip to Sabah was one filled with fun experiences. Firstly, the most shocking thing in Sabah was staying with Uncle Pastor Coach Edward [a.k.a No.1] Haha, it wasn’t shocking to me, but everyone else. I had already guessed who was going to be put in the same room with him and that was either: Eythan, Joseph or me. Anyway, the most FUN experience I had in Sabah was going to Pulau Manukan.
I was very excited when we got there because we got to snorkel. It was very, very fun when we were there. One thing I learnt when we were there was that Linken couldn’t swim!!! Now to floorball, we had Floorball Non-Stop. [Contact stole this phrase from me!] We played a total of 5 games in 3 days. It was quite tiring indeed and it paid off as we only drew one and won the rest. Coming to the not so good things of the trip, we were only allowed to bath for 5-10 minutes at certain times. We were also required to wake up earlier than usual and sleep rather late. [These were required to keep in line with our tight schedule] I have learnt many things during this trip, and one being ‘Time Management’. We really had to manage our time carefully because our schedule was very tight.
Lastly, I would just like to thank the Nomad Floorball Club for providing our transport, taking us to the games and to the ‘kopitiams’. Many thanks also to the D’Stream Church members for accommodating us.

Penny Khoo:
This is my 4th time in Sabah, and I still haven’t got a chance to climb Mount Kinabalu. Apparently it was fully book. I thought this trip would be the trip where I could have a taste of what it is like to be up in the altitude. Oh well, I guess I will only get to do it the next trip, ‘hopefully’! But I must admit, it was the best trip ever to Sabah. It was truly ‘floorball non-stop’ as quoted by a dear teammate. We could really draw many lessons out from this trip, from the technicality of floorball to spiritual stuff as mentioned by the others. As for me, I’m just thankful for the time spent out of the floorball rink with each and every one of them. A time to just chill out; laugh with (and at) one another. I’m thankful for each and every unique person in the team. I’m reminded of the reason behind the existence of Team Contact and where we are heading - the place where people, precision, and performance connect. While we believe that in a game “every inch counts” and “every shot matters”, we also believe that every person is important. That is why team dynamics is crucial in the club. We strive to be the best because we believe in the people! Yes, the team has definitely grown so much closer and stronger! And we are an inch closer to be the best that we can be!! ...321-CONTACT!!!

Also, I’m thankful for Team Nomads and D’Stream folks for their great hospitality! Great is perhaps an understatement…it was AWESOME! Thank you for hosting us and making our stay a truly pleasant one!!

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